The on-site registration will take place in the "Sala de deliberaciones A" in the School of Informatics (E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática). The talks will be located on the same floor, in the "Sala de Grados B" (please see the venue information).

EPTCS proceedings available online (pdf)

Invited talks

  1. Thomas Hildebrandt (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

    Title: Contracts as Dynamic Condition Response Graphs

    Abstract: The declarative process language Dynamic Condition Response (DCR) Graphs has been developed in the Trustworthy Pervasive Healthcare Services (TrustCare) research project as a formalization of the workflow language employed by the industrial partner, Resultmaker. It serves both as a formal specification/contract language and as an executable workflow language.

    In the talk we present the formalism and give examples of its applications. In particular we present a recent technique for synthesizing a set of local, communicating DCR Graphs from a global process description. We will also present ongoing work on extending DCR Graphs with time, data and exceptions/compensations.

  2. Antonio Brogi (University of Pisa, Italy)

    Title: Behaviour-aware generation of mashups

    Abstract: So called service behaviour --i.e., the (partial) order according to which service operations are invoked and offered-- plays an important role in the generation of correct service compositions and mashups. In this talk we will discuss how behavioural information can be simply included in service descriptions and fruitfully exploited to verify the correctness of service mashups.

    We will exemplify some of the advantages of including behavioural information in service descriptions by illustrating a concrete example of design of a plug-in for an existing service composition framework. The plug-in analyses service behaviour information --represented as simple constraints overs service operations-- to support a behaviour-aware generation of mashups.

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